Google Maps Search Optimization is an important part of any successful local marketing strategy. Local search keywords/queries trigger your results on the search engine result pages.  With Local search marketing, your website will boost on the top of the results page and ensure that your business will grab the internet searchers attraction which is termed as Local search Optimization or Maps Optimization.

Google perpetuates to develop the localization by it’s search algorithm, even the most generic search queries frequently trigger map-driven local business listings where your business is well represented on Google Maps and in local search results.

With Google Maps Listing Optimization services, your website will be optimized for search results on Google and in the Google Maps application and also optimize listings for other major search engines like Yahoo and Bing. Search Link will literally avail to put your business on the map.

How Google Rank lists in Google Maps?

Google consider many factors to determine your business listings within the local search results depends on the search queries.

  •         Relevancy of Keywords/Keyword Phase search.
  •         IP based Location.
  •         Prominence determined by Google’s algorithms for organically ranking websites.

How Google Maps Search Optimization Work ?

Map listing optimization is an extension for local search engine optimization. Ensure your  Business page and Google+ profiles are complete, consistent and optimized for the keywords and keyword phrases in Google which best represent your company’s products or services is the foundation for search across Google Maps. By using your profile listings, Google used to create custom maps and shows in your targeted geographic area.

Search Links consider citations on all search engines to be essential to local search prosperity. Google map optimize service also covers the other search engines like Bing, Yahoo local Business directories in accordance with the Google.

Google Maps Listing Optimization services includes:

  • Google Business Registration
  • Google Local Business Verification
  • Google Business and Google+ Local Profile Setup
  • Google Business and Google+ Local Profile Ongoing Optimization
  • Bing Maps Listing Optimization
  • Yahoo Local Basic Listing Optimization