Custom Email Design

Custom Email Design / Email marketing is the process of directly sending the commercial message to a group of people using emails. Email marketing generally involves emails to send ads, request business, sales or donations meant to build loyalty, trust and brand awareness.

Emails can be sent to a bulk of new customer’s or to a current customer’s database. Broadly, the term email marketing is generally used to enhance the relationship with the current or earlier customers.

We took a privilege in building the custom email designs with our design team can take your existing brand and build your company a custom email template, saving you time and money.

The Email templates customize for the business including

  •         Adding the company logo
  •         Customizing the colours to match the company’s branding
  •         Replacing some of the default text with the company’s text
  •         Replacing default images

The result will be a custom email template, branding specifically the company,  that you can be useful for the company’s email campaigns.